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    Withania - Daytime

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    Withania - Daytime

    What our customers have to say...

    I sit in front of two computer screens 5 days a week, and after only a couple days of wearing them, I already notice such a difference.

    Absolutely love these! I find them incredibly comfortable and have made such a difference for the long days in front of screens.

    I am very happy with NaturoBlocks. They are lightweight and really work at minimizing eye strain. I won't work in front of a screen without them.

    After one week of wearing NaturoBlocks my sleep is super consistent & I haven’t had any burning/watery eyes. I cannot believe how efficient these are.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses! I have noticed such a difference when it comes to eye strain and my ability to fall asleep at night. I will never go another day without wearing these puppies!

    Significantly helped reduce eye strain experienced due to working on computer all day. Also excellent customer service as well.

    Customer Reviews

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    Absolutely love my day and night time glasses!

    Naturoblocks blue light glasses are a game-changer for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of screens. I have both day and night time glasses and I have noticed a huge reduction in eye strain, irritation, redness and even improved sleep quality. The designs are very stylish and you can tell the frames are high quality! Highly recommend them!

    Adam Thompson

    I wear these whenever I’m doing work behind a screen and I love them!

    Kris Tremblay
    Really stoked I found high quality ones!

    Customer service is excellent and shipping was very fast! I had these cheap ones from Amazon and once I switched to Naturoblocks I noticed a major difference!

    Jamie Brassard


    Emily E.
    More energy & sleeping better!

    These are my favourite blue blockers that I have ever purchased. I love the stylish frame and most importantly their high end function. I can already feel my sleep regulating and feel less drained in front of screens. Thank you Naturo Academy! 🤍