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    Healthy Jello Recipe

    Healthy Jello Recipe

    Jello is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about “health foods.” 

    In my experience there is almost always a way to turn an unhealthy processed food into a more natural, wholesome alternative. 

    Jello gets it texture from Gelatin which is essentially the cooked version of collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the primary component of connective tissue. 

    Collagen rich foods used to be a staple in our ancestor's diet. Unfortunately we have gotten away from the ancestral nutritional practice of eating the entire animal “nose to tail” and we no longer incorporate collagen/gelatin-rich connective tissue in our diets.

    Both collagen and gelatin have very similar health benefits including:

    • Skin Health: collagen is the primary component of skin
    • Gut Health and Digestion: supports intestinal lining and reduces permeability (leaky gut)
    • Bone and Joint Health: provides building blocks to produce healthy connective tissue  
    We flavour this Jello with Magnesium, which is a mineral many of us are lacking. Magnesium is often recommended to promote relaxation as it reduces muscle tension, helps to relieve anxiety, and can resolve constipation.
    Healthy Jello


    1 TBSP Grass-Fed Gelatin Powder - we get ours from Amazon

    1 Cup Filtered Water (or 1/2 Cup if using Fruit Juice as flavouring)

    1 scoop of Flavoured Magnesium Powder - We often use the CanPrev brand


    1. Boil water and pour into pot or heat-safe mug (make sure the water is truly boiling! The gelatin needs boiling water in order to fully dissolve). 

    2. Slowly mix in Gelatin Powder - this gets clumpy very easily! Sprinkle the powder in SLOWLY to avoid clumping. If there is clumping, just keep stirring until it dissolves (or in our case, until you give up!). Do not add the Gelatin before the water, or after the Magnesium powder as it won't mix well. Gelatin is very picky!

    3. Mix in flavoured Magnesium powder 

    4. When all ingredients have dissolved, place mug in freezer for about 30 min or fridge for 2 hours. 

    5. ENJOY!

    JELLO GUMMIES: We purchased these BPA free gummy bear moulds so we could make gummy bear treats from this recipe as well. Getting the mixture into and out of the moulds is a little more work than just throwing it in a mug, but it's just so much more fun to eat a gummy bear!!

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