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    5 Reasons Why You Need Blue Blocking Glasses 

    5 Reasons Why You Need Blue Blocking Glasses

    To be completely honest, if you live a life fully connected to nature and manage your light environment properly, you do not need blue blockers. Chances are you don’t fall into that category since you’re almost certainly reading this on a screen 😉 Therefore this article is for YOU!


    1. Blue Light Exposure is at an All-Time High

    We are bombarded with artificial blue light from TV’s, computers, phones, tablets, and modern lighting at all hours of the day. Some estimates show that the average Canadian and American spend 11 hours per day in front of screens. This does not include time spend under artificial lighting! Our devices and lights are primarily LEDs which emit a large spike of blue light. 

    2. Blue Light Can Damage your Eyes

    Excessive blue light from screens is directly toxic to the retinal cells of our eyes. Conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts are associated with blue light exposure. NaturoBlocks Daytime Energy Glasses block 88% of the damaging spectrum of blue light from screens (400-460nm) to protect your eyes 👀


    3. Too Much Blue Light Zaps your Energy

    AKA screen fatigue! This is in part due to the damaging effect of blue light on your mitochondria - the energy producing “power plants of the cell.” Natural light from the sun actually boosts mitochondrial function whereas artificial blue light does the opposite 👎


    4. Blue Blockers Regulate your Circadian Rhythm (Sleep-Wake Cycle)

    Natural light exposure from the sun is the most important signal to regulate your circadian rhythm. Conversely, too much artificial light (especially at night) will disrupt your natural body rhythms leading to host of health problems!

    5. Blocking Blue Light Improves Sleep

    Avoiding artificial light at night promotes the release of melatonin - a potent anti-oxidant and our primary sleep hormone. NaturoBlocks Nighttime Sleep Glasses are designed to block blue and green light (400-550nm) after the sun sets to maximize melatonin! 😴


    5 reasons why you need blue light blocking glasses


    If you want to optimize your health, blue blocking glasses are a must in today's world. Always opt for high quality glasses that block the proper amount and spectrum of blue light to protect yourself.

    Happy Blue Blocking! 🤗

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