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    Solidago - Nighttime

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    Solidago - Nighttime

    What our customers have to say...

    After using the NaturoBlocks in the evening and before bed my headaches have stop, I feel my eyes relaxed when I wake up.

    I immediately saw the effects of my nighttime NaturoBlocks after my first use. Once the sun goes down, they ease the strain on my eyes from my lights and my screens. Every night now I instantly need my glasses because they help so much! I also have been falling asleep much easier.

    I absolutely love these glasses! I had become accustomed to taking various sleeping aids and I started to believe that was just the norm. As a result of wearing these glasses every evening (watching tv, on my phone or computer) I have been able to stop taking sleep aids all together. They’re also very comfortable! I highly recommend these glasses!

    The nighttime glasses from NaturoAcademy are incredible. I've been looking for fully blue-blocking glasses for a while and these are made with such care and attention to detail it's remarkable. They're great quality AND do the job perfectly. Everyone needs a pair of these, ESPECIALLY if you want to improve your sleep and overall health!!

    Since wearing the night blocks I have been getting tired and going to bed at a reasonable time instead of staying up super late! They are also very comfortable :)

    Customer Reviews

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    Mitchell MacDougall

    I find these helpful for winding down at the end of the day. I have been wearing them while reading before bed for about 1 month now, and have been getting great sleeps in that time!

    Adam Thompson

    I love using these at night an hour or two before bed. They help me prepare to get the restful sleep I need!

    Happy customer!

    As a mother and as a health and safety professional, I am really happy with the adult and kid’s Nighttime NaturoBlocks. My kids and I were already using the NaturoBlocks daytime blockers in front of screens for the last four months and we are really satisfied to add the nighttime ones to our routine! Even though the glasses are red, we find that we are able to see colours quite well through them compared to other well-known brands. This better viewing experience makes it easier to wear the night time glasses more consistently. The models we selected are quite comfortable as well. We highly recommend this Canadian business and the owners provide awesome services. Happy customer that will return for other extended family gifts!