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The Solidago is sleek, subtle, lightweight and classy. When you rock a classic rectangular frame, you really can’t go wrong!

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Frame Specifications:

Eye Size 55mm
Bridge Size 16mm
Temple Length 140mm

Our Daytime Screen Lenses are designed to block out 88% of the harmful blue light spectrum (400-460nm) while blocking 60% of blue light at 455nm which is the primary and most damaging wavelength emitted by digital devices and LEDs. If you spend your days in front of screens or under artificial lighting, these are the lenses for you!

The Botanical Behind the Name

Solidago Canadensis, also known as Goldenrod, is an abundant and versatile herb named after it’s beautiful golden yellow flowers. It is commonly confused with Ragweed but Solidago is actually a potent herb to combat allergies. Solidago is considered to be a kidney trophorestorative, meaning it nourishes and restores function to the kidneys and urinary tract. It also acts as a useful remedy in the upper respiratory tract to decrease inflammation and break up mucus.

4 reviews for Solidago

  1. Stewart

    These glasses are amazing, they are light, comfortable and stylish. I wear these every night when working or watching TV. No more eye strain when gaming either. Would recommend 10/10! Seriously.

  2. Sean F

    I highly recommend these glasses. I use to get head aches and see black spots at the end of a work day from starring at a computer screen for 9hrs a day. Not anymore! They allow my eyes to relax and let my brain to do the work.

  3. Chris S.

    I often had problems falling asleep in the evenings. I would usually fall asleep on the couch in front of the tv and my eyes would always feel like they were burning. I now wear these glasses every evening and I’m actually going to bed at a reasonable time and the burning feelings I had experienced in my eyes are gone. These glasses are also very comfortable. I definitely recommend the Solidagos!

  4. Peter Conteduca

    “I am loving my new naturoblocks reading glasses. I spend most of my day throughout the week staring at a screen. With all the shutdowns I found myself at my computer more and it did not take long to realize it was having a negative impact on me. I cannot change my current working situation and am so grateful these glasses exist. I wear them throughout the day, love how the frames feel, and have now noticed a big difference when I forget to put them on. I highly recommend these for anyone in front of a computer or their phone all day. “

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