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The Awesome-ness of the Ocimum frames is reserved for the most AWESOME kids out there! These are a fashionable yet functional frame that parents can feel good about. Show off your awesome-ness while doing online and distance learning, and feel good knowing your eyes are protected!

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Frame Specifications:

Eye Size 45mm
Temple Length 125mm
Bridge Size 16mm

Our Daytime Screen Lenses are designed to block out 88% of the harmful blue light spectrum (400-460nm) while blocking 60% of blue light at 455nm which is the primary and most damaging wavelength emitted by digital devices and LEDs. If your child spends their days in front of screens or under artificial lighting, these are the lenses for them!

The Botanical Behind the Name

Ocimum (pronounced awesome-um) Sanctum, also known as Tulsi or Holy Basil, is often referred to as the “Queen of Herbs” in Ayurvedic medicine. The benefits of Ocimum are plentiful including improved physical performance, better digestion, lower blood sugar and cholesterol and it is also said to balance all of the Chakras. Most of all it is a potent herb to decrease levels of stress in the body hence it is often referred to as “liquid yoga.” 

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  1. Laura Flynn (verified owner)

    These glasses fit my 7 yr old son perfectly, and I can tell they have been sized to ensure they will fit him for a few years! I’m so happy with this investment – he loves wearing them and I love knowing his vision is being protected from harm while he spends time on screens. Thank you for offering this high quality product. We are thrilled.

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