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The Leonurus have a masculine vibe, so we named it after a feminine herb. We all need a little yin in our yang 😉 Leonurus are a wider frame for those who might need a bit more room for a comfortable fit.

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Frame Specifications:

Eye Size 55mm
Bridge Size 17mm
Temple Length 145mm

Our Daytime Screen Lenses are designed to block out 88% of the harmful blue light spectrum (400-460nm) while blocking 60% of blue light at 455nm which is the primary and most damaging wavelength emitted by digital devices and LEDs. If you spend your days in front of screens or under artificial lighting, these are the lenses for you!

The Botanical Behind the Name

Leonurus Cardiaca, more commonly known as “Motherwort,” is a superb botanical to support females (hence the mother in motherwort!). It acts to calm the nervous system and has a particular affinity for the cardiovascular system as indicated in the latin name (Cardiaca). Leonurus is often used to reduce blood pressure, regulate arrhythmias and assist with gynecological issues.

1 review for Leonurus

  1. Victoria

    I LOVE my Leonurus blue light blockers! I have been wearing them daily for the last week to teach online – I’m even wearing them now! I haven’t had a headache or any eye strain at all since I started wearing them and I am even finding my sleep improving at night in comparison to my first few weeks of virtual teaching without the glasses! I think they fit perfectly; I love the larger frame. I’m so happy with my purchase and I know that they will continue to help me going forward!

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